Welcome to this site!  Hopefully you came here looking for real and honest answers about Tom E. Deckard.  The soul purpose of this site is to put information out there about this man who calls himself a Major Prophet of God.    If you have questions, you have come to the right place.  


Tom Deckard is gone, (his obituary is below) but this movement is still going to try and go on... 

Meanwhile... I recently was in a conversation with one of the residents from Turks & Caicos Island and learned about how the people who live there really feel about the developing going on there.  Here's what they have to say:

**  “Middle Caicos is very remote.  The forest -- what we call "bush" -- it is 2-4 metres (6-12 feet) high in that area very very dense thicket, impenetrable so you have to go with a cutlass machete”

**  “I have a coworker from Haiti whose English is 'developing'.  A few of the fellows who we see now and then have huge white/grey beards and so my coworker always makes Santa Claus references, but one day we were driving by their development and he just said, out of the blue, ‘Don't drink the Kool-aid!’ So the whole Jonestown scenario is on people's minds here, even those one mightn't expect.”

Are you concerned yet??? 
Does the "Jonestown scenario" statement
send chills down your back? 
If you are old enough to remember that tradgedy,
I am sure it does!  If you are not, google it!

Keep reading, clear to the warning at the end...

**  “Their development is being constructed directly adjacent to one of our most sensitive and important Protected Areas, Conch Bar Cave National Park. A development this size so close to a protected area should have been vetted through my department (Environment & Maritime Affairs) by the Planning Dept, but it was not. In fact, when it would have gone through Planning, our member on the Planning Board seat was never made aware of it.”

**   “He has built a gigantic house (we all thought it was a church, but everyone who has communicated with the people working on the site insist it is a house -- though it's hard to tell because they park the construction vehicles across the width of the road like a giant gate up the hill so no one can drive up there) Most of the people who work on their site are Dominicans who speak very little English and are quite obviously told not to associate with anyone or talk to anyone about the building site or what is happening there.

**  “I mentioned [this man] when visiting my mom on another island, and she right away Googled him and found his preaching videos. It was like a car accident to her, she said she didn't want to keep watching but she wanted to see what awful profanity-laced vitriol he'd belch out next. If it wasn't so ridiculous, and if it was hyperbolic comedy acting, it would almost have been entertaining. Being that it was intended as sermon, we booth found it disturbing.”

**  We were talking about their alcohol use, he told me, “I don't drink so it's something I notice. I just remember being surprised because it was some holier-than-thous imbibing publicly.  They also ran their damn truck into a telephone pole in town and shut down half the island for a day. Total hit and run, and no repercussions. Witnesses said driver was obviously drunk.”

**  "The most interesting thing I kept reading is how there seems to be some open offer by this group to its members to attain citizenship in TCI and remain here forever. This is a remarkably difficult, long, and expensive process that in fact has only been re-opened after the British Direct Rule (2009-2011) and only under great public scrutiny. The bottom line is the locals like to know who is living here and what they're up to. Permanent Residency can only be applied for after 10 years of legal residency, during which time in order to hold employment one must possess a work permit, which can only be secured when no Islander is available to fill that position. Work permits run from $300/ annually for an agricultural labourer to $60,000/ annually for a physician. Most are in the range of $1500-7500/ annually. The Residency costs $10,000-20,000 IF it is approved. Full citizenship depends on naturalisation as a British Overseas Territories Citizen (BOTC), which is naturalisation basically into the UK... it's very complicated because we are an Overseas Territory of a country that is part of the EU with non-reciprocal citizenship -- meaning Brits can't come here to work without permission, but holders of BOTC passports can enter not only UK and work freely and remain indefinitely, but by extension may do so in any EU member state.  BOTC is only available after 2 years of PRC. Then it's another 5 years before one can apply for Islander status (citizenship) and it is not guaranteed at all.  If any of the people who come here for this group end up relinquishing their ties to USA or renouncing their passports, they could find themselves in a very dangerous position of statelessness if things don't go well." 

He said to tell you, "There's where everyone's money is going, the proverbial "wizard who lives on the hill" 


Around 1:00 Friday afternoon, October 2, 2015, Tom Deckard died at home as a result of Cancer.  It is very unsure what will happen with this group with their leader gone.  Losing someone you have loved is difficult, and there are a lot of followers who are feeling pretty broken with the news of his death.  There will undoubtedly be some real confusion because of the wild statements Tom has made concerning his health and his future.  Some will fight it, digging in their heals and hardening their hearts toward the truth, while others will wake up and realize that they have been allowing themselves to be deceived and taken advantage of.  They are fragile individuals because it is hard to deal with that reality, not to mention the heartache they have put their families through.  It is a critical time to pray for those who will leave this cult at this time.  They will need support and encouragement ~ Pray that God will guide them to someone who can minister to their unique needs and get them plugged into a strong Bible believing, Salvation by CHRIST, supportive community.  

Following is Tom's obituary:  

Tom Esco Deckard Obituary

It is my belief that Tom E. Deckard is not a prophet of God in any way shape or form.  I believe he fits into the category of False Teacher as described in Galatians 3:18For if the inheritance of the promise depends on observing the Law [as these false teachers would like you to believe], it no longer depends on the promise; however, God gave it to Abraham as a free gift solely by virtue of His promise.

I have had to do a lot of investigating on my own because NOBODY SEEMED TO KNOW WHO THIS CHARACTER REALLY WAS!  Then I found some people who had been directly involved with him and sat under his teaching.  I was so sad to hear their stories. 

~ One lady was prayed over and sent home with a handkerchief to put on her grandchild who was deathly ill.  Mr. Deckard told her the child would live.  When the child died he told her it was because of her lack of faith. How devastating and condemning for her! 

~ One man had questioned Mr. Deckard about something and in response, because he had "provoked this old prophet" he was told to get out of his sight and "don't let the door hit you on the backside on the way out", that he would "die within 6 months of a painful disease" and that God had given Mr. Deckard the authority to "stomp on this man's grave"!  It has been a number of years and this man is still alive and has had a difficult time forgiving himself for what he put his family through.

~ One young woman whose mother had fallen prey to Tom Deckard and had taken her little sister with her, told how her mother was instructed by Tom to leave her husband because they were not equally yoked and her father had refused to submit to the authority of God and so she did.  This young woman was so angry with her mother and concerned for her sister.  Her father was struggling with the circumstances also, but they are believing God to turn this around and heal their family. 

These are only a few conversations I have had with individuals who have had dealings with this man who calls himself a major prophet of the Most High God! 

On more than one occasion, (one in particular is his CD "Man & His Family") I have heard Mr. Deckard "threaten" to expose the sins of some or even ALL those in his attendance, that God will show him their sins and embarrass them in front of everyone.   Thus, he maintains control of his followers through fear and intimidation. 

There are many other reasons why I boldly make the statement that he is a false teacher.  Many of the proclamations he makes come out after the fact, or as they are surfacing, and suddenly, Mr. Deckard tells of a vision God had given him regarding the situation. And then there is the "Bird Flu" which he has touted would be the demise of the human race for so many years. 

Tom Deckard has made many claims that cannot be verified.  If there is someone out there who has documented proof they have not come forward with actual evidence, only what they have been told by one of his followers or Tom himself.  I have never heard of anyone actually witnessing these personally.

I have also attended a few local "meetings".  The local leader reads word-for-word what Mr. Deckard has emailed him, speaking in first person as if it were their own experiences they were talking about.  There was a lot of church bashing and in particular the charasmatic churches and their pastors.  I did not recognize "love" or "concern" for them, just total condemnation!  They took up an offering, (just like church) and put their little prayer shawls over their heads, prayed quick and were done. There was no praising the Father, no music, no prayer for specific concerns... it was very disheartening.  I went to a number of these, thinking the next might be different, but it was always the same.  The most interesting was the Passover Sedar where everyone was told that the churches try to do this, but they don't know how.  The leader followed the booklet written by Tom Deckard and everyone participated in the rituals.  Then we were told that there would never again be a place set for Elijah because the previous year on Passover Tom had an earthquake on his land, and Elijah had been released back into the earth.  I find it interesting that Tom says Elijah came back in 2009 and yet in Matthew 17:12 Jesus said, "But I tell you, Elijah has already come, and they did not recognize him, but have done to him everything they wished."


I am curious what big spiritual thing happened in early July, 2011 when lightning struck his home?  Perhaps God is just trying to get his attention.   

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